My name is Henry Amador, I am a creative person interested in many crafts. I frequently take on several projects. I don’t always finish them because my intent is to familiarize myself with the skills necessary. I first got my crafty start with Origami, it is a very precise craft. I then transitioned into using pliers to manipulate and bend wire into various shapes, this was my way of starting to use tools. As I began working with more tools I revisited my paper crafts skills and discovered Kirigami, which is also paper folding that includes cutting the paper. Kirigami is a great deal more challenging because cutting is permanent while folding is more forgiving. I then made the sudden transition into electronics, I got started with the Arduino boards following some tutorials online. shortly after this I took an electronics class and was able to learn much more and use those skills to complete the final project which was a prototype dumbwaiter. I continued with electronics and transitioned into raspberry pi. I mainly followered tutorials to create a Nintendo system but i have started learning how to code.